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This website is always a huge help when it comes to honing my web design knowledge and skills. It's one of the top resources I recommend to others looking to do the same.

Lisa Lane - CEO, Awesome Studios

Here's What You'll Learn


Typography is very important in website development. Typography photoshop setting or typography in animation is quite different when using a web page. Google fonts are the likes when it comes to online type settings.

Colors & Layout

A monochromatic scheme is commonly used in minimal designs because one hue should result in a less distracting layout. On the other hand, this scheme means that you cannot use multiple colors to help with visualizing information in the User Interface

CSS Tricks

As time goes by, Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is becoming more and more powerful and nowadays it offers lots of possibilities to create visually stunning websites. The opportunity of, CSS colors, CSS animation and others related are made easy.

Responsive Design

Best responsive designs wordpress offer to websites; display on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The approach suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.


SEO meaning Search Engine Optimization gives your website the ability to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. SEO tools, keywords process and get traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.


Copywriting jobs are some of the highest paid projects for freelance writers. An act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Writing content that aims to increase brand awareness and get a person to take a particular action on products.

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